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Question #165952
  1. Give at least two examples of Ovid’s impotence (physical and/or metaphorical) and describe what that means for the work and for his character.

2. Give at least three examples of references to warfare and describe what that means for the work and his character.

3. Describe some of the various inversions (where things begin one way and ‘flip’ to be different) in the poem and how they might point out cultural contradictions regarding masculinity in the Roman world.

4. Give some examples of Roman concepts of masculinity and femininity in the poem. What importance do they have for Ovid’s character?

5. What does the warrior (soldier who takes his place in Corinna’s bed) mean for Ovid’s character? How does it express concerns about class?

Expert's answer

Question 1

In the poem, Ovid's importance ( though both of us performed our true intent, yet could I not cast anchor where I meant. line 3.6) illustrates the insecurity and other emotions that Ovid undergo when he failed to erect while on the bed with his lover Corrina. His erection dysfunction made him feel embarrassed since he wanted to satisfy his lady sexually. The second disappointing cause of impotence was what stuck in his mind because it demonstrated how humiliated he was and the intention to satisfy his lover. Additionally, Ovid's erection dysfunction was illustrated when his mistress (Corrina) tried everything to make him erect including genital massage but all were unsuccessful. In poetry work, Ovid interpreted erectile dysfunction as failing members or soldiers in were after enduring several rehearsals to wine the race. However, according to Ovid erectile dysfunction becomes worse the more you realize it and the more ashamed you feel.

Question 2

In Ovid's poetry, several scriptures compare lovers to soldiers in war, those Scriptures include; the scripture that implies " we all know that all is fair in love and war" in the poetry which refers to some similarities between young men in love and young men in war. Moreover, another comparison in his poetry is that " every lover is a solder or even very similar" ( line 1-2). The two professionals are recognized to be related according to Ovid's work, that is to mean struggling to win love is the same as fighting to win the battle. The scripture that says " they are both successes and failures lines 27-28) describes how Ovid failed to satisfy his lady in bed due to erectile dysfunction as compared to the soldier who gets killed or injured during the war.

Question 3.

There are several shifts in direction occurrence in Ovid's work. The" Atticus "in the poem insists that lovers are like soldiers and the problem comes where is a sudden shift to "Homer"; Achilles, Hector, Agamemnon, and Mass all have a love interest ( line 33-40). The Homer illustration that love is lazy, contradicts his point on ( in his commentary, ad. loc ) that" great warrior have been lovers" is of the only restricted relevance to the thesis that lovers are active. Nevertheless, the poetry desperately spent most of his time trying to prove that lovers are soldiers but according to ( Murgatroyd 1999) illustrates that the fact Homeric warriors were also lovers but it does not mean that lovers are also worries.

Questions 4.

Ovid's idea of sexual victimization about violent sexuality and the power of love in his military metaphor. However, in Ovid's poetry, Ovid threatened cypress that he would tell her Mistress bout his sexual affairs with her if she refuses to make love with him, The Roman concepts of affection affect Ovid's poetry, according to Augustus, a woman could put to death when she involves herself in sexuality even if she was raped because a raped woman loses her honor, in Roman law, there was no belief in the victim of love " two seeds model" which contributed to the subjection feminism in Ovid's poem. The notion that a woman realizes her seed during orgasm and that is when she can conceive. The problem with is concept is that when a raped woman becomes pregnant, she was believed to have experience pleasure during rape. The poem illustrates carina trying to abort the pregnancy which Ovid believed to be his to avoid the consequences of being killed. Additionally, Ovid's erectile dysfunction also diminishes his masculine as a man since men were believed to be sexually active compared to women.

Question 5.

According to Ovid's poem, being a worrier implies defeating love, he compared himself to a worrier and says he deserves to be crowned with bay leaves like the traditional victory because he won Corrina who at the moment was laying on her breast. In the poetry, a man who manages to lay on Corrina s bed was like a solder since winning the mistress's heart was like a battle of the war and thus raises his social class loyalty.

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