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Question #121607
Two systems have the following equations of state and are contained in a closed cylinder, separated by a fixed, adiabatic and impermeable piston. N1=2, N2=1.5
. The initial temperatures are T1 = 175 K and T2 = 400 K. The total volume is 0.025 m^3
. The piston is allowed to move and heat transfer is allowed across the piston. Determine the final temperature of the system (in Kelvin).
1/T1=3/2(R*N1/U1) , P1/T1=R*N1/V1
1/T2=5/2(R*N2/U2) , P2/T2=R*N2/V2
Expert's answer

Let are the volume of two system


As both system are in closed container in adiabatic condition

we know that, PV=nRT

T= 270.42 K, This is the final temeprature

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Luis Betancur
24.07.20, 00:31

this problem can be solved only for the difference of internal energy; in this case deltaU1=deltaU2; you have all necessary information to calculate final T; besides, you can calculate the initial volume of each gas; however, the problem is not asking that. Solution is T=300K

Assignment Expert
02.07.20, 13:07

Dear Alwin
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is no guarantee of answering certain question but we are doing our best. And if answer
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Suraj Preetham
16.06.20, 14:31

Thats a wrong answer.
Please make sure your solutions are right and read the question once again before solving.
Where is the volume used?

12.06.20, 14:25

Thanks for solving the sum but this sum 121607 seems to be wrong can someone please look into it

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