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Question #177967

2. Box 1, a wooden box, has a mass of 8.60 kg

and a coefficient of kinetic friction with the

inclined plane of 0.35. Box 2, a cardboard box,

sits on top of box 1. It has a mass of 1.30 kg.

The coefficient of kinetic friction between the 

two boxes is 0.45. The two boxes are linked by 

a rope which passes over a pulley at the top of

the incline, as shown in the diagram. The inclined plane is at an angle of 38.0° with respect to thehorizontal.  

(a) What is the acceleration of each box? (7 marks)

(b) Now consider all surfaces are frictionless. Then calculate the amount of force with direction 

to prevent the sliding of the boxes. (3 marks)

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