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Question #177298

Theoretically plan experiments to determine the specific gravity of a solid material sample and a liquid sample other than water. Plan the experiments you will carry out, providing a list of other equipment you would theoretically need for the Laboratory Technician. After you have written out a plan the experiments present your expected findings as a laboratory report listing equipment, method, results, calculations and conclusion. Your report should also include an evaluation of the two methods.

Expert's answer

A. Measuring the specific gravity of solids

1) Take a solid body and measure its weight with electronic scales in grams.

2) Measure the volume of the body by submerging it in a measuring vessel

2.1) Fill the vessel with water till the maximum level, put the measuring glass so the displaced water flows into the glass

2.2) Submerge the body so liquid fully covers it

2.3) Measure the volume of the water that was displaced with a measuring glass in mL.

3) Divide the mass measured in (1) by volume measured in (2)

4) Divide this density by 1 to determine the specific gravity.

B. Measuring the specific gravity of liquids

1) Take a measuring glass

2) Put it on scales

3) Zero the scales so they show 0 with the empty glass on them

4) Fill 100 ml of the liquid of interest in the measuring glass

5) Measure the mass

6) Divide the mass measured in (5) by volume used in (4)

7) Divide the number obtained in (6) by 1 to get the specific gravity of liquid.

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