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Question #263046

A stadia measurement was undertaken with a theodolite having an internal focusing

telescope and stadia interval factor of 98.8. When a backsight was taken on a turning

point whose elevation is 205.62 m, the rod interval observed was 1.94 m; and with the

horizontal hairs set at 1.50 m on the rod, the vertical angle reading was +13045’. For a

foresight to a control point, the rod intercept was 1.17 m; and with the horizontal hair

reading of 1.60 m on the rod, the vertical angle observed was -7018’. Determine the

elevation of the line of sight at the instrument point and the elevation of the point on

which the foresight was taken.

Expert's answer

For no spilling of water, rise above the original water level is equal to fall below the original water level

Height of paraboloid of revolution, 


ω = Angular velocity

R = Radius of cylinder


Given Data:

Diameter = 2 m

Height of Tank = 4 m

Depth of water = 1.5 m

So, Radius, R = 1 m

Rise above the original water level for no spilling = 4 - 1.5 = 2.5 m

As, Rise above level = Fall below level

So, Fall = 2.5 m

So, the total height of paraboloid = Rise + Fall = 2.5 + 2.5 = 5 m

Putting all that data in above equation, we get,


ω = 9.9 rad/sec

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