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Question #262691

5.) Oil of specific gravity 0.750 is pumped from a tank over a hill through a 24′′ pipe with the pressure at the top of the hill maintained at 25.5 psi. The summit is 250 ft above the surface of the oil in the tank, and oil is pumped at the rate of 22.0 cfs. If the lost head from tank to summit is 15.7 ft, what horsepower must the pump supply to the liquid? 

6.) Compute the lost head in a 150-mm pipe if it is necessary to maintain a pressure of 231 kPa at a point upstream and 1.83 m below where the pipe discharges water into the atmosphere at the rate of 0.0556 m /s. 

7.) Water is pumped from reservoir A at elevation 750.0' to reservoir E at elevation 800.0' through a 12′′ pipeline. The pressure in the 12′′ pipe at point D, at elevation 650.0', is 80.0 psi. The lost heads are: A to pump suction B = 2.0 ft, pump discharge C to D = 38V2 /2g, and D to E = 40V2 /2g. Find discharge Q and horsepower supplied by pump BC.


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