Answer to Question #84562 in Inorganic Chemistry for Sk Abidur Rahaman

Question #84562
Explain the structure of PCl3F2 with a suitable theory.
Expert's answer

1. We should draw a Lewis structure of PCl3F2

Number of valence electrons: 5(P) + 7(Cl)*3 + 7(F)*2 = 40.

Draw a Lewis structure. For each element add nesessary number of electrons to make full octet, for P as the element od third period the octet is expanded.

2. We should use VSEPR theory to explain molecular structure.

We should count number of bounding pairs of electrons and number of lone pairs of electrons around the central atom (P atom)

Number of bounding pairs is 5

Number of lone pairs O

Molecular geometry AX5

According to VSEPR theory molecular structure is trigonal bipyramid with bond angles 900 and 120

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