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Question #76768
Answer ALL parts a) — c).
a) Draw the structure of the following coordination compounds and determine the oxidation state, dn electronic configuration,t2gm egn or emt2n configuration and the spin only magnetic moment (Us.o.) of the metal ion.

i. [Co(NH3)6]2+

ii. [Cu(en)3]2+, en = 1,2-diaminoethane
iii. [NiCl4]2-
B)Use the Bohr model of the hydrogen atom to explain atomic emission spectra. Your answer should include appropriate diagrams
A sample of sodium gas is excited using an electrical discharge, which
causes it to emit light at 589 nm. Calculate the energy of the transition. [2] [Planck constant, h -- 6.626 • 10—3 4 J s; speed of light, c = 3 • 10a ms—1J

E=hc/λ= (6.626×10−34Js)(3×108ms−1)/589X10-9m
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