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Question #76762
1. Answer ALL parts a) — d).

a) The rate constant of for the exchange of a single water molecule in the complex [Cu(H2O)s] 2+ is one of the fastest known for a metal complex. Explain why it is so fast.
b) Determine the magnitude of the crystal field stabilisation energy in terms of for the following complexes:
[Cr(H2O)6) 3 +, [Mn(CO)6]+
c) Describe briefly what is meant by the terms n-donating and rr-accepting,
and provide one example of each. sj

d) Select the combinations of metal ion and ligand from the following list that will form the most stable complexes, and explain your choice.

Metal ions: Ag+, r3+
Ligands: EtS—, NH3

2. Answer ALL parts a) — c).
Draw a fully labelled energy level diagram for the atomic and molecular orbitals in F2-.[10]

b) Calculate the bond order of F2—, and state whether or not it is diamagnetic. [2]

Draw diagrams to illustrate the formation of molecular orbitals from atomic orbitals in F2-.
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