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Question #199560

1.    Upon heating, NaN3(s) decomposes to Na(l) and N2(g). This reaction serves as a convenient laboratory preparation of pure nitrogen gas.

2 NaN3(s) ¾® 2 Na(l) + 3 N2(g)

a)       What number of moles of NaN3 is required to prepare 1.00 mol of N2?




b)      What mass of N2 is produced by the decomposition of 2.00 mol NaN3? (




c) What mass of Na is produced when 1.75 g of N2 is prepared? 

Expert's answer

We have given the reaction:

"2NaN_3 \\rightarrow 2Na+3N_2"

a.) 3 moles of "N_2" gives 2 moles of "NaN_3"

1 mole of "N_2 \\hspace{1mm} gives = \\dfrac{2}{3 }" moles of "NaN_3"

b.) 2 moles of "NaN_3" gives 1 mole of "N_2"

1 mole of "NaN_3" give "= \\dfrac{1}{3}" moles of "N_2 = \\dfrac{1}{3} \\times 28"

c.) Similarly we can also this part also.

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