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Question #164093

Suppose if I heat the products obtained on neutralising aqua regia with a mixture of NaOH and KOH in the ratio 1:3 (as it itself is a mixture of HCl and HNO3 in the ratio 1:3) to any temperature more (not less) than 100 degree Celsius (or 212 degree Fahrenheit) then can I get the 2 salts (NaNO3 & 3KCl) without 4H2O as it boils at that temperature?

Expert's answer

According to the theory at ordinary temperature: 

alkali + acid = salt + water. (reaction-exchange)

3HCl +HNO3+NaOH+3KOH=NaNO3 + 3KCl+ 4H 2 O

The acid and alkali in the solution exchange ions and mutually neutralize each other.

The essence of the neutralization reaction is the interaction of protons with hydroxide ions, resulting in the formation of weakly dissociating molecules: H++OH -⇔ H2O

Therefore, in this reaction, salts and water will be formed

But when acid and alkali are heated more (not less) than 100 degree Celsius , the water molecules are split off, it should form only the salt but not water (the salt in its anhydrous form):

aqua regia+mixture of NaOH and 3KOH=NaNO3+3KCl

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Satyajay Mandal
16.04.21, 08:39

Final updates to answer of question #164093 in General Chemistry-Line 3:(1)4H_2O,not 4H _2 O, and (2)OH^- not OH ^- as H^+ not H ^+ , Line 6:H_2O, not H2O, That's all

Assignment Expert
14.04.21, 08:04

Dear Satyajay Mandal Questions in this section are answered for free. We work on all questions and publish answers after verification. There is no guarantee of answering certain question but we are doing our best. Although if you have serious assignment that requires large amount of work and hence cannot be done for free you can submit it as assignment and our experts will surely assist you.

Satyajay Mandal
10.04.21, 12:04

I am telling you the final changes for this answer to update for the question, These are here: (1)Remove the spaces between (i)H and the subscript 2, and (ii)the subscript 2 and O in Line 3 of Para 1 (2)(i)Delete the space between OH and the minus sign just as there is no space between H and the plus sign,and (ii)Replace the ordinary 2 between H and O with a subscript 2 between both these elements in Line 6 of Para 1,this is what I want currently as the rest is all OK in this solution key,

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