Answer to Question #161584 in Molecular Biology for Virat

Question #161584

1) Given the sequence of RNA nucleotides. Determine the coding and template chains in the DNA molecule. Indicate the 5'-3 'ends of the RNA and DNA molecule. m-RNA fmet-G-AUGUUUCUACACACGGUAGACGCCGGCUGGCGAUAG - (A)

Expert's answer

5'A U G U U U C U A C A C A C G G U A G A C G C C G G C U G G C G A U A G 3' RNA strand

3'T A C A A A G A T G T G T G C C A T C T G C G G C C G A C C G C T A T C 5'Template strand

5'A T G T T T C T A C A C A C G G T A G A C G C C G G C T G G C G A T A G3' Coding strand

The template DNA strand is complementary to the RNA strand whereas the coding DNA strand is identical to the RNA strand except in DNA thymine is there in place of uracil in RNA.

After post-transcriptional modification fmet-G-group is added at the 5' end and the poly-A tail is added at the 3' end. The strands of DNA run antiparallel to each other.

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