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4)when entire parts of chromosomes change location to another chromosome

a)disease can result only if this happens in germline cells

b)disease can result if this happens in white blood cells

c)the embryo will die before birth 

d)the resulting child cannot have children

2)biological children of a person's with no genetic disease they know of 

a)cannot have genetic diseases

b)can only have genetic diseases if they get new mutations 

c)can have a genetic disease that their great-great grandmother had

Explain the difference between a community and a population.

1.calculate the net ATPs produced from the pyruvate through the TCA cycle.

2.calculate the net ATPs produced from one molecule of glucose in a glycolytic pathway

1.calculate the net ATPs produced from one molecule of glucose in a glycolytic pathway

Using thermodynamic theory as a foundation, devise and comment on what you consider to be a good rationale for responsible consumerism.

how gymnosperms adapt to flood?

how gymnosperms adapt insufficient nutrients

Write an essay to describe four (4) strategies used by Gymnosperms to adapt the extreme climatic regimes such as floods, snow, drought and insufficient nutrients

Name the three (3) phyla of terrestrial fungi and describe how they differ to one another.

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