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Question #196334

Q.1. Why it is said that the function of Glucagon is just opposite or vice versa of Insulin?

Q.2. Delineate the mechanism of Insulin resistant diabetes.

Q.3. Why pancreatic enzyme needs to deliver HCO3- to the duodenum?

Q.4. If a person has arteriosclerosis and he is under the coverage of blood thinner what initiative the doctor needs to take before doing any surgical procedure?

Q.5. Describe how pyrogen contributes to form hyperthermia in human body?

Q.6. Why a diabetic patient feels thirsty always?

Q.7. If any tiny blood vessels rupture in brain and cause hemorrhage, what is the name of the pathological disorder?

Q.8. There is a photo below, where you can see dividing cells near the tip of an onion root under the light microscope, identify a cell in each of the following stages by circling: Metaphase, Anaphase, and Cytokinesis.

Expert's answer


Glucagon is released to stop blood sugar level from dropping too low while insulin is released to stop blood sugar level from rising too high


Cells in the pancreas increases their production of insulin which leads to high blood insulin to compensate for the high blood glucose. The levels of insulin are high and blood glucose levels are then maintained.


The sodium bicarbonate protects the duodenum by neutralizing acid coming from the stomach.


Stop medication that can cause excessive bleeding.


The trigger of pyrogen results in release of prostaglandin E2 which in turn acts on the hypothalamus which creates a systematic response in the body causing heat-generating effects to match a new higher temperature at the set point.


The high blood sugar levels in the body is excreted into the urine dragging along fluid from the body leads to thirsty.


Subarachnoid hemorrhage


Metaphase - Spindle fibres reach and attach centromere of sister chromatid

Anaphase - Centromeres start splitting and the sister chromatids start migrating.

Cytokinesis - Plasma membrane divide into 2

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