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Which topic is more closely aligned with environmentalism than ecology?
How does gene flow effect a population from adapting to its environment
Which era does Rhynia plant belong to?
Describe the sequential steps of succession
Are holophytic, holotropic and holozoic modes of nutrition different ?
What is the role of nitrifying, nitrogen-fixing, denitrifying, and ammonifying bacteria? (What is converted to what by each of them?)
Questions 6-10 relate to the Digging the Fossil Record on the Smithsonian website. Each complete and correctly answered question is worth 2 points. 6. Where is your virtual dinosaur dig happening? Describe the conditions at the dig site. 7. Look at the pictures. What are the different tools used at a dig site and what are their uses? 8. What kind of animal did you uncover in your dinosaur dig? 9. How are fossils protected for transport? 10. After the dig, give the following information: When did it live and where was this specimen found? Heres the Smithsonian website:
What do the age-sex distribution diagrams convey?
Resource partitioning of soil by desert plants
differentiate between internal budget and external budget
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