Answer to Question #214305 in Cell Biology for Moe

Question #214305

1.6) Write a balanced equation showing the conversion of glucose and oxygen to carbon dioxide and water:

(a) Indicate in your equation which molecule becomes reduced?  

(b) Indicate in your equation which molecule becomes oxidized?

(c) What happens to the energy that is released in this redox reaction?

(d) Name the oxidizing agent.

Expert's answer

Carbon dioxide + water "\\to" glucose + oxygen 

Therefore a balanced equation showing this conversion will be as follows :-

6CO2+ 6H2O(-sunlight + chlorophyll)"\\to" C6H12O6 + 6O2

( molecular equation)

a) Carbon dioxide is reduced because it gains electrons. 

b) Water is oxidized because it loses electrons. 

c) During this redox reaction light energy is converted in to chemical energy.

d) Carbon dioxide is the oxidizing agent in photosynthesis as it gets reduced. 

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