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I want to know which ribosome form dna polymerase. How is it synthesized?

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Protein synthesis is carried out by ribosomes, which are molecular machinery. Each ribosome is created from two different RNA-protein complexes called the little and huge subunits, and every ribosome is formed from RNA and proteins. Ribosomes are synthesized within the cytoplasm of bacterial cells by the transcription of diverse ribosome gene operons. the method occurs in both the cell cytoplasm and therefore the nucleolus, which may be a region within the nucleus, in eukaryotes. The synthesis and processing of the four rRNAs, moreover because the assembly of these rRNAs with the ribosomal proteins, require the coordinated action of nearly 200 proteins.

DNA polymerase is an enzyme that converts deoxyribonucleotides (DNA's building blocks) into DNA molecules. The enzymes are necessary for DNA replication, and that they normally function in pairs to form two identical DNA stranges from one DNA molecule. DNA polymerase generates two new strands that are almost like the present ones. One nucleotide at a time, DNA polymerase adds nucleotides to the three primary end of a DNA strand. DNA polymerases are required for a cell's DNA to copy because it divides. It permits each new cell to receive a replica of the first DNA molecule. DNA polymerases can fix mistakes in newly created DNA. When an erroneous nucleotide is detected, they're going backward by one nucleotide of DNA. The polymerase may re-insert the correct base, allowing replication to continue. DNA polymerase genes are transcribed into a pre-messenger RNA within the nucleus, which is subsequently processed into a mature template RNA, which is eventually transported to the cytoplasm and translated into polypeptide chains. Individual proteins or protein complexes that combine to provide the active DNA polymerase that works within the nucleus must either enter or leave the nucleus.

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