Answer to Question #177095 in Psychology for Nikayla Clarke

Question #177095

Choose a news item from any reputable public medium, that is, the internet, newspaper, or newscast.

§  Summarize the major points of the incident.

§  You have been exposed to several theoretical explanations for human behavior and thought as they occur in social settings, whether actual or implied.

o   Select two theories that you will use to explain your chosen incident. Using each theory, give a comprehensive explanation of the events. 

§  Then say which theory you believe offered the best explanation, and justify your choice.

Expert's answer

Saudi Arabia Events of 2019

In 2019, Saudi Arabia's government experienced extraordinary global criticism for its extreme human rights violation when it failed to present a comprehensive liability for the assassination of a journalist in the country. The relevant authorities in Saudi Arabia announced a landmark for its women to allow them to have travel passports without the common condition (authorization of a man relative) for the first time amid the criticism. Conversely, Saudi Arabia failed to implement the landmark announcement, and human discrimination remains, while women's rights protesters remain detained and silenced for their engagement. Over the same, the Saudi Arabian alliance continued a soldierly protest against the Houthi rebel group in Yemen that has recorded illegal airstrikes that led to the massive killings and injuring thousands of innocent civilians. Similarly, Saudi authorities continued to inhibit rebels, human rights protesters, women's rights activists, and individual clerics.

The Interest Theory

According to the interest theory, the violation of women's rights and discrimination among civilians is a severe defilement of the human rights concept's fundamental function. The theory affirms that human rights' principal operation, including children and women, is to safeguard and support particular significant human privileges such as passports and travel permits. Also, the governmental step to inhibit women's rights and other activists' voices and efforts is a severe violation of the established freedom limits outlined in the interest theory's principles. McBride (2020) proves that human rights confirm individuals' privileges depending on the unique individual capacity for freedom inside the country. Failure of Saudi Arabia's government to offer comprehensive accountability on the murder of the journalist implies a lack of solid governmental structure to govern the rights of its citizens.

The Utilitarian Theory

On the other hand, utilitarian theory affirms that government officials and other relevant authorities should embrace actions that promote happiness to its civilians. Saudi Arabia's authority's actions to repress the protestors and women's rights activists indicate a failure to embrace morality in its leadership, promoting discrimination activities within the country. Bauer (2020) maintains that government officials should oppose and prevent civilians and other officials that cause harm to the citizens. Embracing military protesting against the groups fighting for human rights, especially women's rights, is a national crime to the government.

The Best Theory

The interest theory offered the best explanation about human rights principles and their significance to the citizens. With interest theory, an outsider can quickly identify the mistakes Saudi Arabia's government committed when they failed to provide full accountability while repressing the efforts and intentions of the activists and their activism. Also, the theory indicates the right actions the government should have adopted to prevent discrimination among the civilians and protect the rights of every citizen and resident in Saudi Arabia.






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