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Question #16625
How do you write a script in Perl showing the functions of a Pez Dispenser? The script is suppposed to show how you load colors (of Pez Candy) from a text file and then dispense the colors just as you would the candy in a Pez Dispenser.
Expert's answer
chomp $site;

print "\n";
print "source code\n\n 1 = php\n\n-> ";

if ( $site !~ /^http:/ ) {
$site = 'http://' . $site;
if ( $site !~ /\/$/ ) {
$site = $site . '/';
print "\n";

print "-> Target: $site\n";
print "-> Site source code: $code\n";
how i make this script get the target automatic from file.txt

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Prompt the user to enter a sequence of numbers (between 1 and 20) and/or letters (lower or uppercase), each number or letter is separated by a space, and the length of the sequence can vary. The user ends the sequence with a "q" or "Q", followed by a space. (Assume that the user always enters a "q" or "Q" followed by a space.)
Do NOT use regular expressions
DO use arrays
An example of user input is:
1 12 a 2 5 P Q
Test your script with the following input (6 different test cases):

1 12 a 2 5 P Q output sho

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