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Question #18461
Write a Java program to add and multiply two polynomials. The rules are as follows:
1. Ask the user to enter two polynomials at a time. For each polynomial, ask the user to enter the number of terms n in the polynomial, then prompt the user n times for a pair of integers representing the coefficient and the exponent of a term. For instance, the term 2x4 has a coefficient of 2 and an exponent of 4.
2. Output the input polynomials as well as the sum and product of polynomials.
A sample input/output run is as follows.
For p1, enter # XXXXX polynomial terms (n>=0): 2
Enter coefficient: 1
Enter exponent: 1
Enter coefficient: 1
Enter exponent: 0
You entered: x + 1
For p2, enter # XXXXX polynomial terms (n>=0): 2
Enter coefficient: 1
Enter exponent: 1
Enter coefficient: -1
Enter exponent: 0
You entered: x - 1
p1 = x + 1
p2 = x - 1
p1+p2 = 2x
p1*p2 = x^2 – 1
3. The output polynomials must be sorted in descending order of exponent. Terms of the same exponent should be added together and the term
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