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given trie-tree. count the number of words with odd length
Free Pascal assignment.

Basically, the task is:

We're given integer N. For integer D > 0 we say that he is divisor for N, if D divides N. What is the arithmetic mean of all the divisors of the given number N?

Input: One and only row of the standard input contains integer N (1<=N<=10^9).

Output: In a single line of standard output to print arithmetic mean of divisors given natural number. Number printed with an accuracy of two decimal places.

Please, I need help.
Using the programming language pascal, write a program to implement an algorithm that accepts the names of 25 members and their total sales . The algorithm must also calculate commission at 3% of total sales. It should display name, total sales, and commission of the member with highest commission and number of persons without commission.
i need help on how i can write a class to solve this program:

at the top of the hierarchy is an abstract stack of lines and it also define a method that allows for a given line of text to print all the longest word in the reverse order. implement a descendant - a stack based on a linear list, and a stack-based array. user specifies which of the children he wants to work to solve the problem
hi, would you help me on my pascal programing home work?
i need a pascal source code that reads in text any number between 0 to 999.999
Write a program which calculates the volume of water deposited by a particular canal after a certain period of time.

The canal deposits water into a dam at a speed of 1m/s. The canal is 10m wide and
20m deep.
Input the price N (whole dollars), input customer given banknote (100 or 50). Offer customer pay extra so that minimum change will be 5.
develop a module for implementing operations with complex numbers, calculate the value of a complex function in a given complex point z for a given n
given e^z=1+z/1!+z^2/2!+..+z^n/n!
write a program given two lines of words. place in the same queue with words of even length and the other, with the odd, without additional data structures, except a set of variables
help how to program a program to solve for the value of a complex function given that e^z=1+z^2/2!+..+z^n/n!
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