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Question #32370
Print the source code of this program plus the output of the following four executions: • Execution 1: Input the weight as a negative number of ounces. • Execution 2: Input the weight as 0ounces. • Execution 3: Input the weight as 5 ounces. • Execution 4: Input the weight as 42 ounces. Write three independent functions for this program assignment as follows: • One function to read the required input values. • A second function to perform the required calculations using the input values from the first function. • A third function to display the results of the second function. Speedy-Pants Delivery Inc. charges by weight for delivery of packages. The delivery charge for the first pound is $3.00 and $0.50 is added onto the charge for each additional four ounces. For example: A package weighing more than 16 but at most 20 ounces costs $3.50 to deliver. A package weighing more than 20 but at most 24 ounces costs $4.00 to deliver. etc. Write a program that inputs the weight of a package in ounces, computes the charge for delivery, and displays it to the screen. NOTE: One pound equals 16 ounces. Note: (1) Use a double-valued function, weight_input, to prompt the user for input. (2) Use a double-valued function, compute_delivery_charge, to compute the charge for delivery. (3) Use a void function, display_delivery_charge, to display the delivery charge.
Expert's answer
#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

double weightInput()
double i;
cout << "Input the weight in ounces: ";
cin >> i;
while (i <= 0)
cout << "Please, input a positive value of the weight. It can not be less or equal than zero."<< endl;
cin >> i;
return i;

double computeDeliveryCharge(double weight)
double c = 3.0;
if (weight <= 16) return c;
weight -= 16;
weight /= 4;
int n = ceil(weight);
c += n * 0.5;
return c;

void displayDeliveryCharge (double charge)
cout << "Charge: " << charge << endl;

void main()
while (1)
double x = weightInput();
double y = computeDeliveryCharge(x);

cout << "
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