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Question #30816
Define an array of 10 CStockAccount elements. #include <iostream> #include <string> #include "StockHolding.h" using namespace std; class CStockAccount { public: //default constructor to initialize the ID to “NoID” and the cash balance to 10,000 CStockAccount(void); //parameterized constructor to initialize the ID and the cash balance to specific values CStockAccount(string, double); //destructor. Should be empty. ~CStockAccount(void); void addStock(); void addStock(string, int); void addStock(CStockHolding); void deleteStock(); void deleteStock(string, int); void deleteStock(CStockHolding); void list(); //data member for the ID string m_ID; //data member for the cash balance double m_CashBalance; //data member for 10 stock holdings CStockHolding m_Holdings[10]; private: //private function to find the index of the stock symbol in the array m_Holdings. //Return -1 if not found. int searchSymbol(string); //private memb
Expert's answer
There are at least 3 ways to do it. 1. Declare array of objects:
CStockAccount stock_accounts[10];
toaccess you can do such things like:
stock_accounts.addStock(); and so on

2. Declare pointer to array (but dont forget to deleteit)
CStockAccount* p_stock_accounts = new CStockAccount[10] ; //dosomething
delete[] p_stock_account;
3. Declare vector (or list) from STL
usingnamespace std;

vector<CStockAccount> stock_account (10);

You also can addand delete elements from vector. And memory will be freed automatically.

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