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Question #21575
The following table lists the freezing and boiling points of several substances. Write a program that asks the user to enter a temperature and then shows all the substances that will freeze at that temperature and all that will boil at that temperature.For example, if the user enters -20 the program should report that water will freeze and oxygen will boil at that temperature.
Subtances freezing points(F) boiling point(F)
Ethyl alcohol -173 172
Mercury -38 676
Oxygen -362 -306
Water 32 212

Modify the freezing and boiling points program described in programming challenge 20 so it reads its input from a file instead of from the keyboard. Perform the necessary test to determine if an error occurs when the file is opened. If an error occurs,display a message informing the user. The following data to test your program can be found in the FrzBoil.dat file:
-173 -38 -362 32
172 676 -306 212.
It is important that your program read the data from the file in the same order it is written in the file. Notice that the four freezing point values come first, followed by the four boiling point values.
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