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Question #18732
A company pays salary to its employees weekly as follows:
• Managers get fixed salary
• Hourly workers receive fixed hourly wage up to 40 hours and 1.5 times of the rate for overtime over and above 40 hours.
• Commission workers receive fixed salary of Rs. 25,000 plus a commission at the rate of 5.7% of their gross weekly sales.
• Piece worker receive according to the number of pieces produced each worker only produce one type of piece.

Write a program to compute the weekly salary of the each employee. We do not know the strength of all employees however; each category of employee has got his own pay code.
Manager’s pay code is 1, hourly worker’s pay code 2, commission worker’s pay code 3, and piece worker’s pay code 4. Use switch to compute the salary of each employee code. Within a switch prompt the user to enter the necessary information of the employee whose salary is to be computed.
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then why to open such a page that you are the programming expert while you can't serve the other fellows. i don't consider you a programmer you are just a cheater....

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