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Question #16209
1.write a program to reverse the digits of a positive integer number. for example, if the number 8735 is entered, the number displayed should be 5378.(hint. use a do statement and continously strip off and display the numbers unit digit. if the variable num initially contains the number entered, the units digit is obtained as (num%10). after a units digit is displayed, dividing the number by 10 sets up the number for the next iteration.therefore, (8735%10) is 5 and (8735/10) is 873. the do statement should continue as long as the remaining number not zero. 2. a prime integer number is one that has exactly two different divisors, namely 1 and the number itself. Write, run and test a c++ program that finds all the prime numbers less than 100. (hint. 1 is a prime number. for each number from 2 to 100, find remainder = number % n, where n ranges from 2 to sqrt(number). if n is greater than sqrt (number), the number is not equally divisible by n. why? if any remainder equals 0, the number is not a prime number.
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