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Question #274084

1)What is cross Platform Support language Interoperability Model-oop?

2)What is Manage code?

3)What is SOA?

4)What is API

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1)What is cross Platform Support language Interoperability Model-oop?

There are many ways programming languages are interoperable with one another. Language interoperability is the capability of two different programming languages to natively interact as part of the same system and operate on the same kind of data structures.

Cross language support is a language interoperability feature with advantages, such as the reuse of types defined in other languages; a single environment for debugging and profiling, due to the use of Microsoft intermediate language (MSIL).

An interoperable rule language must allow syntactic, semantic and pragmatic levels of sharing.

From a syntactic perspective, an interoperable rule language must provide a formal definition of the rule structure and its components.

From a semantic perspective, an interoperable rule language must allow for the determination of various properties of a rule.

From a pragmatic perspective, an interoperable rule language must allow a mechanism to specify contextual information that may be useful for evaluating appropriate conditions for sharing rules.


2)What is Manage code?

Managed code is a term coined by Microsoft to refer to the code of a program running under the "control" of a .NET virtual machine - the Common Language Runtime or Mono. In this case, machine code is called unmanaged code. The managed runtime environment provides different types of services like garbage collection, type checking, exception handling, bounds checking, etc. to code automatically without the interference of the programmer. It also provides memory allocation, type safety, etc to the code.


3)What is SOA?

Service-oriented architecture is a modular approach to software development based on the provision of a remote standardized protocol. Using distributed, loosely coupled, easily replaceable components (services) with standardized interfaces.

Service-oriented architecture is not tied to any particular technology. It can be implemented using a wide variety of technologies, including technologies such as REST, RPC, DCOM, CORBA, or web services.


4)What is API?

An application programming interface (API) is a connection between computers or between computer programs. It is a type of software interface, offering a service to other pieces of software. An API is often made up of different parts which act as tools or services that are available to the programmer. The calls that make up the API are also known as subroutines, methods, requests, or endpoints. One purpose of APIs is to hide the internal details of how a system works, exposing only those parts a programmer will find useful and keeping them consistent even if the internal details later change. 


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