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Question #47584
have to calculate the nth term in a tetrabonacci sequence using recursion. in x86 MASM assembly. It is similar to Fibonacci but instead of adding the previous two terms you add the previous four terms. I have written workable code where I get the first 5 n terms tetrabonacci sequence correct. But when n=6 my recursion method seems to not work. Can someone help me with where my code went wrong? .586
.model flat,C


tetrabonacci PROC
push ebp ;save previous pointer
mov ebp,esp ;save current pointer
sub esp, 12 ;make room for local variable ptr
mov eax,[ebp+8] ; get n

;if ((n==1)|| (n==2) ||(n == 3)||(n===4)) return predetermined value, else do recursion on previous 4 terms

cmp eax,4 ; n<=4?
ja recursion ; n > 4 do recursion
jb exception1 ; n< 4 jump to exception1
mov eax,4 ;n=4 move 4 into eax
jmp Quit ;jump to end


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