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Answer on Quantum Mechanics Question for vanessa

Question #2696
A 11,000-watt radio station transmits at 880 kHz. Calculate the number of photons that are emitted per second.

________x 10 -______ photons

Expert's answer
P = 11000 W
ν = 880 Hz
t = 1s

Energy of one photon is
E = hν
For n photons that would be
En= nhν
P = E/t = nhν/t

n = Pt/hν = (11000 [W] ×1 [s])/(6.62×10-34 [J×s]× 880× 103[s(-1)])=1.88×1031 photons

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Assignment Expert
16.05.2013 09:48

<div align="left">Dear Bill !
Great thanks for correcting us! The mistake really took place.

Bill B
12.05.2013 19:56

Nice try but nu (v) is stated as 880 kHz which is 880 x 10^3 HZ. Your previous solution uses only 880 Hz.
The answer should be 1.88x10^31 photons

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