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USING the uncertainty principle, estimate the minimum energy of a particle in a simple harmonic potential U= ½kx² .
HOW Davisson -Germer electron diffraction experiment confirms the de-Broglie Hypothesis of matter wave?

Explain why L² and only one of its components are regarded as constant of motion.

USING uncertainity principle ,estimate the minimum energy of a particle in a simple harmonic potential U= 1/2 kx^2
To give the charge, baryon number and spin of a photon and a proton.
A photon and an electron each hae an energy of 6.0×10^3 eV. To calculate their respective wavelengths. Which of these could be used to probe atomic structures?
To calculate the annual loss in the mass of the sun if approximately 8.4J of radiated energy is received by each square cm of the earth's surface per minute. The distance of the sun from the earth's surface is 1.15×10^11m.
The Doppler shift in the wavelength of the sodium line is (5890 angstrom) in the light observed from a distant star is 100 angstrom. To determine the speed at which the star is receding.
If ψ(x) is complex would the linear combination Ψ = ψ(x) + ψ*(x) forms a solution to the time-independent Schrödinger equation?
the cars begin to move with the green light having mass 2m and same direction with accerlation of a/2
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