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Consider radium, which has a half-line of 1620 years. How many atoms of radium will decay in 5 s in 15 g of its sample? Consider the atomic weight of radium to be 226 kg/mol.

  IV. An iron wire 1.0 m long with a square cross-section 2.0 mm on a side is used  

              to support a 100 kg load. Find the change in length. 



A curve in a road has a radius of 240 m. If the road surface is level and on a  

               rainy day the coefficient of static friction is 0.48, what is the maximum speed 

               at which the car can negotiate this curve? 



Consider cobalt-60 (⁶⁰CO) with a half-line of 5.25 years. How many years will it take for its activity to decrease to one-fourth of its original amount?

Suppose a space probe moves away from the Earth at a speed 0.350c. It sends a radio wave message back to the Earth at a frequency of 1.50 GHz. At what frequency is the message received on the Earth?

Suppose a spaceship heading directly towards the Earth at half the speed of light sends a signal to us on a laser-produced beam of light. Given that the light leaves the ship at speed as observed from the ship. Calculate the speed at which it approaches the Earth.

Calculate the rest energy of a single proton. Use the equation E=mc² to solve the problem.

Suppose a spaceship is approaching the Earth at half the speed of light and shoots a canister at a speed of 0.750c.

a). At what velocity will an Earth-bound observer see the canister if it is shot directly towards the Earth?

b). If it shot directly away from earth?

Calculate the wavelength of light used in an interference experiment from the following data: Fringe width = 0.03cm. Distance between the slits and eyepiece through which the interference pattern is observed is 1m. Distance between the image of the virtual source when a convex lens of focal length 16cm is used at a distance of 80 cm from the eyepiece is 0.8cm.

Two tugboats pull a disabled supertanker. Each tugboat  exerts a constant force of 

            1.75 x 106 N, one 16



north of west and the other 16°


south of west, as they pull  

            the tanker 800 meters toward the west. What is the total work they do on the  


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