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Question #3022
A flat bottomed test tube of 200mm height and 10mm internal diameter stands on its
base. It initially contains a residue of a liquid solvent of depth 2mm, which is gradually
evaporating. The test tube is in an air filled chamber at atmospheric pressure and 27oC .
The chamber is large enough such that the concentration of the solvent in the chamber is
negligible. The molecular weight of the solvent is 32 . At 27oC the solvent’s vapour pressure is
19kPa , its liquid density is 780kg /m3 and its diffusivity in air is D = 1.2 x10−5 m2 / s

i) Neglecting variations in the height of the vapour column in the tube during
evaporation, determine how long it will take for the solvent to evaporate completely.

ii) The air pressure in the chamber is now doubled, with everything else remaining as
in part i). Determine how long it will now take for the solvent to evaporate completely.

iii) The temperature of the entire system is now raised significantly relative to the
conditions in part ii). what should happen to the solvent’s
evaporation time, and explain how this occurs by making use of the equation above.
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