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Question #15193
A spherical balloon is filled with helium atoms (Note: 1 atm = 101.3 kPa).
What is the total translational KE of the atoms if the balloon has a diameter 36.0 cm at 6.0 °C and the pressure inside the balloon is 121.6 kPa?

(ii)The above balloon was filled from a cylinder of volume 0.4 m3 containing helium gas of 190.0 atm and at the same temperature as in the balloon in (i). How many of the balloons in (i) can the cylinder inflate?

(B)A chilly bin has walls 3.40 cm thick and the total area of the walls is 0.700 m2. The chilly bin is loaded with 4.00 kg of ice at 0.00 °C and stood on a rack so that its entire surface is in contact with the air. The temperature on the outside of the chilly bin is 35.0 °C. If the chilly bin is made of styrofoam (kstyrofoam = 0.0100 J s–1 m–1 °C–1), how many hours will it take to melt all of the ice?
(Note: Lfwater = 3.35 × 105 J kg–1)
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