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Answer to Question #82150 in Mechanics | Relativity for Anisah Noor Chauhdry

Question #82150
A car of mass 1200kg falls a vertical distance of 24m starting from rest. What is the workdone by the the force of gravity on the car?
Expert's answer

The work done by the force of gravity on the car


W=(1200)(9.8)(24)= 280000 J=280 kJ.

Answer: 280 kJ.

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Anisah Noor Chauhdry
18.10.18, 03:09

You swing a bucket of water in a vertical circle. The radius of the circular trajectory is r=0.40 m. When the bucket is at the highest point, what minimum speed should it have so that the water does not fall out of the bucket?

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