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Question #7955
Q1: A building superintendent twirls a set of keys in a circle at the end of a cord. If the keys have a centripetal acceleration of 121 m/s2 and the cord has a length of 0.25 m, what is the tangential speed of the keys?
Q2: A sock stuck to the side of a clothes-dryer barrel has a centripetal acceleration of 27 m/s2. If the dryer barrel has a radius of 26.0 cm, what is the tangential speed of the sock?
Q3: A grinding wheel 0.56 m in diameter rotates at 2500 rpm.
(a) Calculate its angular velocity in rad/s.
(b) What are the linear speed and acceleration of a point on the edge of the grinding wheel?
Q4: A rotating merry go-round makes one complete revolution in 4.3 s (Figure 8-38).
(a) What is the linear speed of a child seated 0.8 m from the center?
(b) What is her acceleration (give components)?
tangential acceleration:
radial acceleration:
Q5: (a) Find the centripetal accelerations of a point on the Equator, due to the rotation of Earth about its axis.
(b) Find the centripetal accelerations of at Nor
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