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Answer to Question #56323 in Mechanics | Relativity for Amitav Chris Mostafa

Question #56323
a box slides down at constant velocity along an inclined plane which makes angle x with the horizon. if the box is now given an initial velocity v in the upward direction along the plane, what would be the displacement of the box
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23.11.15, 11:07

Dear Abhishek thank you

16.11.15, 14:34

If box goes with constant velocity means coff. Of friction(u)= tanx...condition just to start slipping.....
When pushed up the incline 2 forces act mgsinx and umgcosx in downward direction
So mgsinx+ umgcosx= ma...
--> mgsinx+(tanx)mgcosx=ma
--> mgsinx+ mgsinx= ma
a is deaccelarting the block....
Apply v^2 - u^2= 2as
Here v= 0( final velocity), u=v( given initial velocity)
Therofore, s= v^ 2 /4gsinx

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