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Answer to Question #44708 in Mechanics | Relativity for Fizza Zaidi

Question #44708
Q.1 A car possesses 20000 of Momentum.what would be the car's new momentum if...
A. it's velocity is doubled
B.it's velocity is tripled
C. it mass were doubled(by adding one or more passenger)
D.Both it's velocity and mass were doubled
E.it's velocity were doubled and mass were halved
Q.2 A brick of mass is 0.8 Kg is accidentally dropped from a high scaffolding.It reaches the ground with a kinetic energy of 240 J. How high is the scaffolding
Q.3 A person drops a stone down a water well and hear a splash 2 s after it leaves his hand.What is the depth of well
Q.4 The average speed of a car is 35 Km/h. how far it can travel in 45 min?
Q.5 The ball is thrown vertically upward at 20 m/s
a)how high it goes?
b)the time taken to reach this height?
c)the time taken to return to its starting point?
Q.6 Supposing you were in a weightless environment,would it require a force to set an object in motion
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Fizza Zaidi
05.08.14, 21:16

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Once again thank you
Thank you very much:)))))))))))))

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