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Answer to Question #42811 in Mechanics | Relativity for Hafiz Abdul Sattar

Question #42811
Question. No: 1
A lift is filled with patients has a total mass of 2055 kg. As the lift begins to go up, the acceleration is 0.75 m/s2. What is the tension in the rope that is lifting the lift? Validate your solution as well.
Question. No: 2
A man pushes a lawnmower with a force of 170 N at an angle of 37° down from the horizontal. The lawn is 12.0 m wide and requires 16 complete trips across and back. How much work does he do?
Assignment 2: (Spring 2014)
Question. No: 3
A bus’s tire rotates at an initial angular speed of 20.5 rad/s. The driver accelerates, and after 4.5 s the tire’s angular speed is 29.0 rad/s. What is the tire’s average angular acceleration during the 4.5 s time interval?
Question. No: 4
An object’s momentum depends upon the object’s
a) mass, speed and acceleration.
b) mass, speed and direction of motion.
c) speed and acceleration.
d) velocity and direction of motion.
e) mass and acceleration.
Write the reason of your above selected choice as well.
Question. No: 4
You drive a nail horiz
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