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Question #25501
albert pujols is pitched a 0.145kg baseball at -39.m/s and he hits the ball on a horizontal line drives straight back toward the pitcher at 50.5m/s. if the contact time between bat and ball is 0.0033s. a) what is the acceleration on the ball? b) what is the magnitude of the net force acting on the ball during contact? c) fraw the free-body diagram of the forces acting on the ball during contact. d)once the ball leaves the bat, what is the acceleration acting on the ball? e)albert connected with the ball 1.0m off the ground.calculate , by showing your work and boxing your answer A) how many meters albert hit the ball in the air: B) how long the ball was in the air before it hit the ground?
Expert's answer
Your workingequation is:

F(delta T) = change in momentum
F = force acting on the ball during impact delta T= time ball is in contact with the bat = 0.0033 sec.
change in momentum = m(V2 - V1)
m = mass of the baseball = 0.145 kg (given)
V2 = 52 m/sec.
V1 = 39 m/sec.
Substituting values, we obtain

F(1 x 10^-3) = 0.145(52 - 39)
F = 1.885/ 0.0033 s
F = 571 N

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