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Question #21127
5. Before a sky diver opens his parachute, he may be falling at a velocity higher than the terminal velocity he will have after the parachute opens.

a) Describe what happens to his velocity as he opens the parachute. (2 marks)

b) Describe his velocity from after his parachute has been open for a time until he is about
to land. (2 marks)

6. From the top of a tall building, you drop two tennis balls, one ball is filled with air and the
other ball is filled with lead. Both experience air resistance as they fall.

a. Which ball reaches terminal velocity first? ( 1 mark)

b. Do both balls hit the ground at the same time? Explain.(2marks)

7. A book weighing - 14.55 N rests on an inclined plane at 36o from the horizontal.

a. Make a drawing of this situation. Draw and label the various force vectors(1 mark)

b. Find the components of the weight parallel and perpendicular to the plane.(4 marks)
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