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sir i have to ask that...are we have a complete example of equilibruim?
examples explained by our teachers i not understood plz give me complete example i shall be very thank full to you....thanks
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Let us start with a toaster. You plug it into a socket and switch it on. The electric current will flow from the socket and into the appliance. With the increase in electric current, the filaments inside the toaster will start to glow. At a point, the amount of electric current flowing to the toaster will become equal to the heat energy produced by the toaster. Then we would be able to say that the toaster has achieved a state of equilibrium. In simpler words, a balance would be created between the electrical energy and the heat energy.

When a pendulum is made to stop and hanged loosely downwards, it is said to be in the equilibrium position.

Let us look at a simple example of a see-saw. If two individuals, having almost identical weights, sit on opposite sides of the see-saw and also make sure that their distances from the fulcrum are same, then the see-saw would not be tilted. It would be stationary and straight. This would be the point of equilibrium or balance of the see-saw. The balance would not be disturbed until another individual joins them or one of them changes their distance from the fulcrum point. Now, let us suppose that on one side of the see-saw, two individuals are sitting together. The balance would be disturbed and it would tilt. To again move it into a state of equilibrium, the individual sitting alone would have to increase the distance from the fulcrum until they get balanced again.

A fish is an ideal example of equilibrium. A fish swimming at a certain depth under the sea without floating upward or sinking unexpectedly is said to be in equilibrium. This is achieved by the swim bladder present in it. The bladder is present in the belly of a fish. It is like a sac. Its function is to contract or expand according to the depth of the fish, thus allowing it to remain at a specific depth.

In economics, the concept of demand and supply is a really important one. Demand refers to the amount of a product consumers want to buy whereas supply is known by the quantity of a product available in a market. Less demand and greater supply causes the price of a product to decrease. On the other hand, greater demand and less supply results in higher price of the product. However, on occasions when the demand of a product or a service is equal to its supply, the economy of that product is said to be in equilibrium.

When we walk or run, both of our legs take equal strides. In this way, our body is able to maintain balance or equilibrium. This is made possible by a special type of nerve cells of the spinal cord known as V3 neurons. Without their presence, our body would never be able to acquire balance while walking or running.

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