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Question #16163
In a performance test, each of two cars takes 8.8 s to accelerate from rest to 26 m/s. Car A has a mass of 1442 kg, and car B has a mass of 1863 kg. Find the net average force that acts on (a) car A and (b) car B during the test.
Expert's answer
The acceleration of the both cars is

a = 26[m/s]/8.8[s] = 65/22 [m/s²].

According to the second Newton's law, the force acting on the first car is

F1 = 1442[kg] * 65/22 [m/s²] = 4260.5 N

and the force acting on the second car is

F2 = 1863[kg] * 65/22 [m/s²] = 5504.3 N.

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Assignment Expert
28.02.13, 15:06

That's pretty simple: a = 26[m/s]/8.8[s] =26*10/88=260/88=65/22 [m/s²].

27.02.13, 21:56

How did you get a= 26 (m/s) / 8.8 (m/s^2) = 65/22. I dont get 65/22 as the answer for it. What am I doing wrong.

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