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Question #126426
A 58-kg ice skater moves across the ice at a constant speed of 2.0 m/s. She is caught by her 74-kg partner, and then the pair continues to glide together. He is at rest when he catches her, and immediately afterward they both coast.A skater follows the girl at a constant speed of 1.0 m/s. What is the magnitude of the girl's change in momentum in the reference frame of the skater?
Expert's answer

According to the law of conservation of momentum the final impulse of the girl is "2\\times58 - 74 = 42" , which means its speed is "\\frac{42}{58} = 0.72" m/s. Therefore, in the skater's reference system, it's initial speed is 2 m/s, and the final speed is 0.72 - 1 = - 0.28 m/s, so the change in its momentum will be "58\\times(2 + 0.28) = 132.2" kgm /s.

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