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Question #120863
The frequency of the transverse waves with an amplitude of 0.02 m moving along a + X axis with a speed of 10 m / s on a string is 5 Hz. Find the wavelength (λ) of the transverse waves traveling on this string and write the displacement equation of these waves. (Take = 3)
Expert's answer

Wave is moving along a positive direction of X-axis.

Amplitude of the wave is "A=2\\times 10^{-2}m" .

Speed of wave is "v=10m\/s" ,Frequency is "\\nu=5Hz"

Let, wave length of the given transverse wave is "\\lambda"

We know that


Thus, on plugin the value we get


Wave equation is given by

"y=A\\sin(kx-\\omega t)\\\\\\implies y=A\\sin\\big(\\frac{2\\pi}{\\lambda}x-2\\pi\\nu t\\big)"

Hence, on plugin the value we get our wave equation is

"y=2\\times 10^{-2}\\sin(\\pi x-10\\pi t)"

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