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Question #109745
Hobbes, the stuffed tiger, has a mass of 28.4 kg. Calvin, the little boy, has a mass of 17.7 kg. In a game of football, Hobbes runs to the right (towards Calvin) at 9.2 m/s. Calvin runs to the left (towards Hobbes) at 12.0 m/s. The two collide and stick together.

What is their final velocity? (Assume that velocities to the right are positive.)
Expert's answer

As per the given question,

mass of the Hobbes "(m)=28.4 kg"

mass of the little boy kelvin"(m_1)=17.7 kg"

Speed of the Hobbes (u)=9.2 m/sec

Speed of the kelvin "( u_1)=12 m\/sec"

They are running opposite to each other and after the collision, they are getting stick, let the final speed becomes V,

Now, applying the conservation of momentum,

"\\Rightarrow \nmu+m_1u_1=(m+m_1)V"

Now, substituting the values, in the above,

"\\Rightarrow V=\\dfrac{28.4\\times9.2-17.7\\times 12}{28.4+17.7}" m/sec

"\\Rightarrow V=\\dfrac{48.88}{46.1}m\/sec"


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