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Question #108810
Mike is cutting the grass using a human-powered lawn mower. He pushes the mower with a force of 45 N directed at an angle of 41 N below the horizontal direction. Calculate the work that Mike does on the mower in pushing it 9.1 m across the hard.
Expert's answer

Initial data are shown on the figure. The projection of the applied to the lawn mower force onto the ground surface is:

"F_{pr} = 45 N \\cdot \\cos{41\\degree} \\approx 45N\\cdot 0.75 = 33.75N.\\\\"

By definition, the work of constant force is the product of this force and the distance, on which this work was actihg on the body. Thus:

"A = F_{pr}\\cdot9.1m = 33.75N\\cdot9.1m = 307.125 J."

Answer. The work is A = 307.125J.

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