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Question #105566
A thin rectangular plate ( length=b and breath =a)is hanging with the help of two identical massless springs as shown .just after one of the spring is cut, angular acceleration of the plate is
Expert's answer

As per the given question,

length and breadth of the rectangular sheet = a and b

Let the mass of the sheet is m,

Initially it was hanged with the help of two string,

so, 2T= mg

Where T is the tension in the string and g is the gravitational acceleration, α is the angular acceleration after the string breaks and I is the moment of inertia of the rectangular sheet.

Hence "T=\\dfrac{mg}{2}"

When strings breaks,

Now applying the torque equation,

"mg \\dfrac{b}{2}=I\\alpha"

"\\Rightarrow \\alpha=\\dfrac{mgb}{2I}----------------(i)"

Moment of inertia of the rectangular sheet ="\\dfrac{m(a^2+b^2)}{12}+\\dfrac{mb^2}{4}=\\dfrac{m(a^2+4b^2)}{12}"

Now substituting the of I in the equation,


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