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Question #11022
1.Two resistors with resistance 5ohm and 10 ohm respectively are to be connected to battery of 6V .So as to obtain
(a)Minimum current flowing
(b)maximum current flowing
i.How will you connect the resistance in each case?
ii.Calculate the strength of total current in the circuit in the two cases.

2.calculate the current in a circuit of 500C of charge passes through it in 10 minutes.

3.An electric lamp is marked 2.5W,220V.It is used for 10 hrs daily .Calculate its
(b) energy consumed in kWh per day.

4.what is the shape of the graph between V and I where V is the potential difference between the ends of an ohm resistor and I is the current flowing through it.

5.You are given two resistor of 5 ohm and 20 ohm,and a battery of 2.5 V, a key and an ammeter .Draw a circuit diagram of all given components such that the ammeter gives a reading of 0.1A.
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