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Is there any changes occur when a dielectric slab of thickness d/2 and separation between the plates is d, if intially slab at one corner plate (slab stay attached with the plate )
If we slowly moving the slab to the other corner of the plate, work done in moving the slab, dielectric constant is K
Solve the differential equation: d^2y/dx^2+dy/dx+y=3sin3x
On the basis of their biasing, with the help of appropriate diagrams, justify the uses
of Class A, AB and C amplifiers for various applications.
How do we call the two connection terminals of the oscilloscope?
Divide 1161 underpower 8 with 31 underpower 8. Express the obtained result in decimal number.
Using maxwell's equation in free space, derive the wave equation for the electric field vector.
Which parameter of an op-amp become significant for a fast varying ultra low input voltage signal?
Explaiin the effect of doping on the energy band diagram of a semiconductor.
Explain the output characteristics of a CE configuration of an amplifier.
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