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Question #16197
A robot probe lands on a new, uncharted planet. It has determined the diameter of the planet to be 8 * 10^6 m. It weighs a standard 1 kg mass and determines the 1 kg weighs only 5 newtons on this new planet.
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04.12.13, 17:12

R = 8*10^6 m
m = 1 kg
P = 5 N

Gravity law:
P = mg = GM/R^2, where g is the acceleration of the gravity, M is the mass of the planet, G=6.67*10^-11 m^3/(kg*s^2) is the gravitational constant.

Thus, g = P/m = 5 m/s^2,
M = gR^2/G = 4.8*10^24 kg.

Average density is rho = M/V, where V = 4/3*pi*R^3 is the volume of the planet.

rho = 3g/(4*pi*G*R) = 2200 kg/m^2.

04.12.13, 15:57

who can tell me the mass, acceleration of gravity,and avg. density in this situation?

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